Joakim Chardonnens



Born in Switzerland. Swiss and Finnish citizenship.

Cinematography studies at INSAS, Brussels in the National Film School.

I have begin to work as Cinematographer on short films and as camera assistant on feature films, like Post Tenebras Lux by Carlos Reygadas (Jury prize in Festival de Cannes), and have directed Kyrkogårdsö, a short doc on the frozen sea of Finland.

Since then, I'm working as Cinematographer on International Features, Documentaries, Shorts.
  first feature fiction by Marí Alessandrini, won the Pardo 2020 "Films after tomorrow" in Locarno Film Festival, the Best First Film in the International Film Festival of India, the best Cinematography at the FAB in Argentina, and have been selected in more than 25 film festivals.

Currently working on new projects with directors like Pablo Briones, Arami Ullón,
René Ballesteros, David Maye.

I'm also regulary teaching in the Film schools of Geneva (HEAD) and Lausanne (ECAL)

I speak french, english, spanish, a bit of german and swedish.

Equipment :
Leica Cinemod : From 19mm to 135mm
Aivascope x1.5
Ronin 2 + ReadyRig

Contact :
Phone : +41774346166
Mail :